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The Five Year Plan

By Jodi Gibson

It’s the perfect climate to read a book set in Italy, and to travel vicariously via our memories and imagination– on a journey of fabulous food, family and love.

Jodi Gibson’s delightful #TheFiveYearPlan is a light-hearted, sweet tale about a young Australian girl born of Italian parents who thinks she has her life sorted. Demi Moretti is well on the way to ticking off her five year plan for life - but as we know - life doesn’t always deal us the hand we plan for.

Demi is a woman on a mission - inheriting the family cafe in Melbourne once her father retires is all she has ever wanted - but life changes when her father sees a different future.

Despite a few twists and turns, Demi ends in Bari, Puglia, on a research trip where she meet her grandparents and cousins and is welcomed into the extended Moretti family. Of course, the Morettis in Bari own a family restaurant too - in the old town. That’s where the fun really begins.

Set in a lovely part of Italy, Jodi Gibson does a great job of describing the setting and traditional experiences that are unique to the country. We inhabit Bari through Demi’s eyes, smelling the espresso or tasting the nonnas’ orecchiette as she uncovers a mystery and long held family feuds. As Demi learns more about the family’s lives - she faces challenges of her own.

Enter Leo, a gorgeous sexy Italian and the rest is a delightful, delicious and enjoyable read to smile about.


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