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Book Reviews

I’ve read voraciously since childhood, stumbling over the words in the old  "John and Betty" readers. For me, reading is finding magic and escape between the pages; hope, sadness, kindness, tragedy and joy. In the quiet of my day, a good book and a cup of tea (or glass of wine) is like tonic for the soul. Naturally it was children’s books that first quenched my thirst for reading. Now I have the flexibility of reading whatever I choose.

On this page I review the most recent books I've read and I'd love to hear what you're reading. I know how it feels to read a book you've enjoyed and the excitement it brings to share your views with others. In the interest of sharing, I invite you to add your comments. And if you have a suggestion for any upcoming books, or authors you'd like to give a shout out to, then this is your chance. 

Happy reading.

xx Chrissie

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