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War of Hearts

New York Times investigative reporter Grace Winter longs to make her mark as a correspondent. When America enters the war in 1917 she sees her opportunity, but between rumours of the Spanish Flu and rising anti-German sentiments, it seems impossible her dreams will come to fruition. Soon her connection to enigmatic priest, Father Jude, catapults Grace on a mission behind enemy lines in occupied France.

But as the war escalates their friendship and loyalties take a perilous turn for the worse. As questions rise about her fated relationship with Father Jude, her life and those she loves are at risk. And when Charlie Ryan’s tiny silver music box ends up in her possession, the unsolved mystery tempts Grace to continue her investigations into his disappearance and further complicates her mission.

“Set against a backdrop of WWI and spanning three continents, this heart-stopping story of forbidden love and courage explores the nature of faith, the quest for redemption and the true meaning of grace. “

This action-packed story will win you over with its fabulously drawn characters striving to survive with integrity amidst the backdrop of a war-ravaged landscape.

Tania Farrelly has a wonderful way with words: as in her previous book, The Eighth Wonder, there are passages of scintillating setting and sparkling and illuminating dialogue that vividly create the desired effect of sweeping the reader away in the storytelling.

I was immersed in the pages of War of Hearts from the beginning and its rarely told perspective makes for compelling reading.This delightful book is a fine addition to my historical fiction collection – Grace’s tenacity and kindness shine through the darkness of the final thrust of WWI. What a wonderful gift this talented author has, to able to so seamlessly draw on a unique passage of time in history and create such a captivating story.

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