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I've been fascinated by the 'olden days' since I prised snippets of information from my grandmother as a child. I would listen intently as she reminisced about her family, and of life in an age far removed from mine— the fragments of these moments were painted vividly in my imagination. It appeared a natural progression— as soon as I could read, the stories from history always drew my interest.
Winning a writing competition at the age of ten inspired me to write — from then on, I punched away on a portable typewriter that was my favourite Christmas present of all time. But life moved on, and while love and family came my way, my writing dreams gathered like dust in the bottom of my closet. Now, the time has come for me to revisit my past. The desire to write and be published burns brighter— it has never left me. The temptation to delve into the past and uncover the mystery of a character and their story inspires my writing direction.
 I am grateful to be able to embrace a life creating stories steeped in history.
My family grows and flourishes, and I have my own memories to share. While Melbourne born and bred, I moved house far too many times before the sea finally called me. Now I satisfy my inner gypsy by creating adventures for my characters within the pages. I live overlooking the coast of Australia's most glorious and iconic coastline with my wonderful husband and our beloved cavoodle, Harvey. 

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Chrissie Bellbrae-flower2.png

I've been fascinated by all things historical since I prized snippets of information about the 'olden days' from my Nanna as a child. It was only a matter of time before historical fiction became my life.