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About Chrissie

My fascination with history began when I was a child, prising information from my grandmother about the 'olden days.' I would listen intently as she reminisced about her life, sharing stories of a time and age far removed from mine. It was a natural progression— as soon as I could read it was the stories from the past that drew my interest. 

Dreams of writing as a career were sparked and before long I was punching away on a portable typewriter. As time moved on, love, life and family interrupted my plans and my writing  projects gathered dust in the bottom of my closet, alongside numerous boxes of vintage shoes.


But the desire to write and be published has never left me.

I look forward to living my dream and embracing the creativity of

 stories drawn from history. The temptation to delve into the archives to uncover a mystery, or develop a new character, inspires my writing direction. Sharing a story is where the magic happens.

I've moved house too many times to count and have collected more ephemera than any person can use in one lifetime. Now, I satisfy my inner desire for new experiences by creating characters in faraway places, and live vicariously, dreaming up adventures, challenges and mysteries within the pages.

Lured to the beauty of salt water after a lifetime in the city of Melbourne, I acknowledge that I live and write on the coast of Wadawurrung Country, with my wonderful husband and our beloved four-legged friend, Harvey. 

Let me share my stories with you.

My latest writing

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Chrissie on Instagram

Chrissie Bellbrae-flower2.png

I've been fascinated by all things historical since I was a child. It was only a matter of time before historical fiction became my life. 

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